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Solar Energy Power Project : Execution Stages

Solar Energy Power Projects using Photo Voltaic (PV) technology is gathering momentum in India due to deeper penetration in understanding of the Technology, Commercials and supporting Government policies. Of course improved affordability due to fall in PV module costs is another major factor fueling the momentum. In fact as observed earlier - PV Solar Power has the potential to exceed Wind Power in terms of generation.

Industrial plants and Commercial Facilities opt for PV Solar Project due to several reasons. The most significant ones include –
  • Ever-increasing price of grid power (anything above INR 5.0 per kWh for grid power can be considered expensive)
  • Availability of good rooftop space
  • Excellent subsidies and incentives for captive projects
  • Long and maintenance-free life of the installation
Details of the same are also included in our generic Solar Energy Industrial Report.

PV Solar Power Project execution consists of various stages as depicted below

Solar Energy Power Project : Execution Stages
Solar Energy Power Project : Execution Stages

The Pre-Project Stage consists of site visit by a Solar Expert for Site Survey + Analysis + Techno-Commercial Viability Report Preparation. It is the most important stage of a PV Solar project as it enables one to understand complete Techno-Commercials of the Project primarily the RoI and IRR calculations which form the basis of the investment decisions.

We also include Solar Energy Training as part of this first stage which enables one to get answers to various queries such as :
  1. Is my plant suitably located to generate Solar Power?
  2. What capacity installation is possible at my site?
  3. Are there any technical challenges in PV Solar project execution at my site?
  4. What are the major technical components in the project and what is their life?
  5. How many units (kWh) per day, per month, per year can I expect from PV Solar?
  6. What is RPO Obligation?
  7. What are the various Government subsidies and incentives and which is the best for my projects?
  8. What is the investment required for the projects at my site?
  9. What is the RoI and IRR of the identified projects?
  10. What are various technologies and what is the most suitable technology for my site in terms of output and durability?
  11. What are the short, medium and long-term REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) benefits?
  12. What kind of loads can Solar support in my plant and what part of such load should I focus on for PV Solar?
  13. Will these projects be grid-synchronized or will these projects require batteries?
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Several such questions are answered through our onsite discussions with your team and also in our Detailed Techno-Commercial Viability Report submitted at the end of Pre-Project stage. This Report forms the basis of an informed decision and is thus no wonder that several leading Industrial Plants are opting for PV Solar Power Project beginning with the first step of Pre-Project assessment. In consecutive posts we will update the information about the next stages.

If your plant or commercial site is paying anything above INR 5.0 per kWh for power it makes tremendous sense to opt for PV Solar power for at least a part of your requirement. 

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