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Solar Energy Training (Corporate and Online)

Solar Energy Training
(Updates of 18th July 2015 below)

Solar Energy in India has just started to take-off. It is expected that due to the various advantages that PV Solar offers, it will far surpass Wind energy in the Country. With a boost by the Government in 2009 / 10 under Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission, Solar Energy is all set to take the center stage for a long time to come.

Although PV Solar is already quite competitive and in most certain cases PV Solar Projects can become financially viable even in the absence of subsidies. Industrial plants and commercial facilities in several states are paying a very high price for power - INR 7.0 per kWh and above. In any case PV Solar makes tremendous sense for replacement of D.G. sets which run during the day.

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For an individual or corporate it is necessary to keep itself abreast of the latest in PV Solar technology. Our Solar Energy training imparted as part of Solar Energy Audit or separately will help in getting complete information about the same. Solar Energy Audit forms the first phase of execution of a PV Solar Power Project.

Solar Energy Training by our experts consists of (but not limited to)
  1. Power Scenario in India
  2. Renewable Power Scenario in India
  3. Solar Energy - General Principles of Solar Thermal and Solar PV
  4. Solar PV - Techincal Details including comparative analysis
  5. PV Solar Project - Key Components and Basic Engineering
  6. Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission (JNNSM)
  7. Various Subsidies and Incentives by Central and State Govt.
  8. Global PV outlook and major installations
  9. Upcoming Technologies
  10. Any other topic

Updates of 18th Jul 2015

The Government of India has revised it's Solar Energy Target to 1,00,000 MW which is 5-times jump in the previous target of 20,000 MW ! This is indeed an ambitious target considering a deadline of 2022.

With present installation less than the 4% of the target - there is a long way to go !

This brings up immense opportunities in the field of Solar Energy for Corporates, Individuals, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Job-seekers in this field. As per one estimate Solar field will create 1 Million (1000000) job opportunities by 2022.

New business opportunities exist in the following areas in Solar Energy:
1.     EPC Services
2.     Solar Advisory, Consulting and Training
3.     Operation & Maintenance
4.     Technology Tie-ups
5.     Financing

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So far most of the projects have been on the utility scale but the rooftop market, which is largely unexplored, has an excellent potential to grow manifold. Owing to this several experts would be required at local levels too. Moreover with 40% target it would translate into project capacities of 40,000 MW. This would encourage entrepreneurship, investment and several opportunities for people to engage in this field. 

In our endeavor is to train and equip manpower to maximize from the Solar Opportunities in India we have introduced several training programmes as follows :

1.     Corporate Solar Training : Recommended for Corporates or Businesses or Industrial Plants planning for Solar Power at their sites or who just wish to enhance the knowledge of their workforce.

2.     Solar Energy Online Training : Recommended for Individuals wishing to understand all the key aspects of Solar Power Project, market size and business opportunities. This is 100% online and could be attended from any location with flexibility to choose from weekday / weekend slots.

Presently with PV (Level-01) training which is the foundation programme and touches upon all important aspects of PV Solar Project.

Enerco Energy Solutions LLP is one of the most renowned and well-established Solar Energy Companies in India with highly reputed Clients across India. We are engaged in 360 Degree consulting for Solar Projects as well as 100% BOOT financing of Solar Projects. 

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