Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Solar Energy - Is your site ready?

Solar Energy utilization for captive power proves to be the solution of choice, especially for Industrial Plants looking to utilize their rooftop spaces and additional land area for PV panel installation. Sometime back we published our Report on Solar Energy for Industrial Plants which talked about Solar Power solutions for Industries. Industrial and Commercial facilities should look at PV Solar as a viable option not only for cost saving but also as a step towards sustainability.

It is imperative to know the various aspects of PV Solar Power Project before the project is executed. There are various important stages of execution starting with the first and foremost PV Solar Site Assessment. These stages are as per Globally accepted norms of the Industry and results in an efficiently engineered system which ensures optimum output. Here we focus on the activities covered in the Solar Site Assessment and they are -

A. Site Study
B. Training and Discussions
C. Feasibility cum Viability Report

A. Site Study

Site Study covers visit to the various rooftops and adjoining land areas to get a first-hand view of the proposed sites.
  1. Structural Analysis
  2. Capacity Estimation
  3. Solar Radiation Measurement
  4. PV Technology Selection*
  5. Location Weather Conditions
  6. Site challenges
  7. Solution customization
* There are various PV technologies and the site needs to be understood before best-suited technology is recommended.

B. Training and Discussions

While a site visit is carried out for the above a detailed face to face discussion takes place with the key management and plant personnel. Our widely acclaimed and detailed training programme on Solar Energy ensures maximum benefits to the plant or Company we visit.

Additionally Solar Power projects are very well supported by Central and various States Governments in the form of subsidies and incentives - discussion about which are covered during the training as well as consecutive discussions held thereafter.

While this stage prepares the site for Solar Project execution and also prepares all the key people in getting further clarity on PV Solar in the following areas :
  1. Technology : Site Study + in depth understanding of PV Solar
  2. Policy : Various Government incentives and subsidies
  3. Commercial : Investment and RoI

C. Feasibility cum Viability Report

A detailed report submitted at the end of the exercise captures all the important points of the proposed projects for both roof and ground-mounted systems highlighting their benefits along with the RoI and cash-flow projections under various scenarios. This enables one to select the most viable projects based on the business priorities.

Basic engineering solution of each of the identified project along with key components is also covered in the report. The report also covers next steps of execution along with a plan and schedule for the same.

If you wish to arrange a visit to your site and know more please drop us a mail on

Enerco Energy Solutions LLP has been at the forefront of advising Industrial Clients on Solar Power utilization and execution of Projects. We have worked with Clients including Reliance Group, Emami Group, Essar Group, Aditya Birla Group, JSW Steel, CEAT Tyres etc. and International Clients of repute as well.

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